Transfer from Bucharest to Varna

We offer you direct Bucharest Varna Transport. For most foreign visitors – Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport is known as Otopeni airport in Bucharest. We offer you taxi transport at acceptable prices to your home, hotel or office in Bulgaria or Romania.

Meeting at Bucharest airport and transportation to Bulgaria

Bucharest Varna Transport

Meeting at Airport

We welcome passengers at Henri Coanda Airport or at an address in Bucharest and we provide taxi transport to Varna. Make reservation as you have to specify from which city you will arrive at Bucharest airport and at what time. The taxi driver will welcome you at the hall for arrivials with a paper-sheet, on which your name will be written. The advantage in ordering taxi service from our company is that we keep track of your flight online and even if the flight would have a delay, we will wait for you without making the taxi service more expensive.

The travelling time from Bucharest airport to Ruse is around 2 hours depending on the traffic in Bucharest. At client‘s will we may have 15 minute break in Ruse after crossing the border. The trip from Ruse to Varna takes around 2 hours. The total time for taxi transport from Bucharest airport to Varna is around 4.30 hours, having 15 minutes break in Ruse.

Taxi transfer from OTOPENI(Bucharest) to Varna City – Prices

  • Taxi from Varna to Bucharest for 1 – 2 passengers in a car – BGN 250 / EUR 125
  • Taxi from Varna to Bucharest for 3 – 4 passengers in a car – BGN 260 / EUR 130
  • Тransport from Varna to Bucharest for 5 – 6 passengers in a car 6+1 – BGN 300 / EUR 150
  • Тransport from Varna to Bucharest for 7 – 8 passengers in a van 8+1 – BGN 360 / EUR 180

Cars and prices for travel from 1 to 4 passengers

transfer from Varna to Bucharest airport

Price for 1-2 passengers – 125.00 EUR

Taxi transport from Varna to address

Price for 3-4 passengers – 130.00 EUR

Cars and prices for travel from 5 to 8 passengers

order a taxi to Bucharest Airport

Price for 5-6 passengers – 150.00 EUR

Taxi transfer Varna-Bucharest

Price for 7-8 passengers – 180.00 EUR

How to order a taxi from Bucharest Airport

1. Choose destination:

  • Direct transfer from Bucharest airport to Varna.
  • Taxi transport from Bucharest to a certain address.
  • For a taxi transport to destinations, which are not specified, please send your request by E-mail

2. Fill in the Order form:

  • Enter date and time of the flight.
  • Number of passengers.
  • Your name, E-mail and phone number.

3.  Wait for confirmation:

  • We will confirm your order.
  • One day before departure we will contact you by phone for confirmation.

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Transport from Bucharest to Varna by “TotalTaxi Varna”

We offer – quick and secure taxi Transport-Varna-Bucharest.