Frequently asked questions

What kind of documents do I need for travelling to Bucharest by taxi?

mitnica-balgariaFor travelling within the European Union you need only your Bulgarian ID card or international passport. For children under 16 years, who travel with one parent only, it is necessary to have a passport, birth certificate, original power of attorney from the other parent for travelling beyond the borders of Republic of Bulgaria, certified by notary public. You have to have also certified copy of the above-mentioned power of attorney, which is kept at the check-point for 5 years.

From where shall the taxi driver pick me up?

posreshtane-na-letishte The driver will come at the address, which you have specified and will drive you to the chosen destination.
Upon making an order for travelling from Otopeni airport in Bucharest, you have to specify from which city you are arriving and at what time. The driver will meet you at the hall for arrivals with a table, on which will be written your name.

When and how the payment of this service shoudl be done?

Money-ExchangeAll prices are fixed and final, without further charges. You will pay the price after the service is done by the driver. Upon request he may issue an invoice for the rendered transport.

How many kilometers is the distance between Varna and Bucharest?

The distance between Varna and Bucharest is 270 km and to Otopeni airport is 300 km. In order to reach the airport you have to cross the whole city. At the end of the city is located Otopeni airport.